Blood Sugar Control and Healing Post

Why is it so important to control your blood sugar following surgery? What could possibly go wrong if my blood sugar levels are not in the desired/advised levels? The answer is LOTS!!!

First of all, what is the desired/advised range a diabetic should keep their blood sugar? According to the ADA (American Diabetes Association) between 70-130 prior to a meal AND <180 2 hours after a meal.

Problems without Tight Glycemic Control

Soft tissue concerns:

  • Delayed skin closure and healing
  • Increased risk of infection

Osseous (Bone) concerns:

  • Delayed union
  • Non-union
  • Malunion
  • Increased risk of bone infection

In the middle of the x-rays, next to the pins/screws, you can see a delayed union of the fibular fracture.
This is a risk if glycemic control is not adhered to.

How does your doctor determine Glycemic Control?

  • HbA1c levels this is a measure of the average glucose levels over a 3 month course.
    • Accepted/Target value is 7 or less.
    • A level of 6 = glucose level of about 120mg/dL
      • Add or subtract 30 to determine values greater or lesser, respectively.

So, when you doctor tells you to tightly monitor your blood sugar levels, there is a true reason.

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