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Get the Best Poolside Toes for Your Summer Vacation

Sunglasses, sunscreen, bathing suit, beach towel, IPod, water bottle and snacks check off the list if you are getting ready for a fun summer vacation! If you have a hot spot destination in your future and the pool will be calling your name, make sure your nails and your toes are ready to be shown […]

Nail Trauma and What to Do…

How many times have I said that its the smallest things that tend to cause the most pain? Well if you havent heard it before or read previous blogs, Ill give you another example of such a thing. Your toenails. Yes, you read it correctly, your toenails. Its hard to imagine that dead skin, for […]

The Not so FUN Fungi

There are certain things in life that might seem FUN, but actually turn out to be quite the opposite. For instance, you might think the newest rollercoaster at your favorite amusement park would be FUN. What you dont realize is that the G-forces are greater than you are accustomed to and you vomit and pass […]

Why Did My Ingrown Toenail Return?

The ever annoying ingrown nail: Its like that cockroach you squash and throw away, just to find another one right behind it. You hear all the stories of how the local Podiatrist removed an offending nail and they never had another problem. So you think, why not? You have the nail removed and then some […]

Will I Lose My Nail?

Lets set the scene. You are in the kitchen, cooking or helping to cook, when you reach for the can of beans. What happens next can only be described as intense, excruciating pain. You curl into a ball and do your best to hold back the tears and the profanity laced sentences. While reaching for […]

How did this happen? The Ingrown Catastrophe.

Kevin McCallister, fire ants, paper cuts, little toes, puppy teeth, grass burs. What do these things have in common? They are tiny objects that can cause a lot of pain. I dont care how big and tough you think you are, but when you kick your little toe, tears will swell in your eyes as […]

Feet and Mardi Gras? What Can Your Feet Pick Up…

Unfortunately, all of the debauchery that occurs in New Orleans on “Fat Tuesday” can have some negative side effects. Many might go home a few pounds heavier, their wallet significantly lighter and some may even take home some unwanted diseases (STD’s are transferred about as easily as beaded necklaces). Leaving from a pedicure can often […]

The Zombie Toenail. Do You Have It?

Food storage, water supply, ammunition-check! We have all heard of the impending “zombie apocalypse” and the corpses that will rise from the grave to haunt our streets. What many of you haven’t heard of is the “Zombie Toenail”. I had just finished dinner the other night when a friend of mine said that I had […]

A Modern Family Ingrown Nail

On one of the best TV shows today, ABC’s Modern Family, Cam Tucker (Eric Stonestreet) stepped into the leading role in the musical cats because the lead had an infected toenail and would be out for “weeks”. Although it was terribly funny-my wife asked if that was true. I told her that an infected toenail […]

Fungus Got Your Toes? Zap It!

Do you have thick, yellowish, brittle, and easily cracked or broken toenails without having injured them? They are likely discolored due to a fungal infection called onychomycosis, which is the most common disease of the nails. The nail weakens as fungi continue to grow through the nail tissue. Since fungus grows faster than the nail, […]