The Not so FUN Fungi

There are certain things in life that might seem FUN, but actually turn out to be quite the opposite. For instance, you might think the newest rollercoaster at your favorite amusement park would be FUN. What you dont realize is that the G-forces are greater than you are accustomed to and you vomit and pass out during your first ride. Although Fungi has the word FUN within, it anything but that. What makes a fungal infection, especially of the nail, so difficult to treat?

  • Tough Skin the keratin layer of the nail is very thick and pretty much impossible to penetrate with topical medications. I would liken the nail plate as Fort Knox of the human body Impenetrable. You compound the toughness of the normal nail and add 10x the thickness and you have hard shell to crack. Some will recommend roughing the nail with an Emory board prior to application of any topical antifungal.
  • Master of Hiding if you were to look at your nail under a microscope you would see multiple ridges. The fungal organism takes advantage of these ridges and finds them to be a great hiding place from the agents sent to destroy them.
  • Brook NOT River blood flow at the toes is not the Aorta of the body. Toe vascularity is the garden trickle NOT the South American Amazon. Im not saying that blood flow is not existent. My point is that oral medications take a long time to truly have an effect due to the small vascular flow.

I am by no means telling you that it is hopeless and you should just have all your nails removed. I am only telling you that treatment is difficult because the Fungi is extremely good at survival. Please keep in mind that treatment takes a long time and you will not see nail changes of the current nail. You will see the changes in the new nail as it grows out. Please be patient.

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