Feet and Mardi Gras? What Can Your Feet Pick Up…

Unfortunately, all of the debauchery that occurs in New Orleans on “Fat Tuesday” can have some negative side effects. Many might go home a few pounds heavier, their wallet significantly lighter and some may even take home some unwanted diseases (STD’s are transferred about as easily as beaded necklaces).

Leaving from a pedicure can often have similar results. No, no, no nothing THAT salacious happens at the nail spa, right? But you go for a nice relaxing pedicure, enjoying the “vacation-like” treatment and leave dollars lighter and more than likely with some microscopic new friends living on your toes or feet. Many pedicure spas do not offer the safest environment for your feet. The instruments are often not thoroughly cleansed between patients and some chairs use recyclable water systems. Technicians can often cut the nails improperly, leaving you susceptible to in-growing toenails.

Not all pedicures have to leave you feeling dirtier than Bourbon Street at midnight. In the spirit of Mardi Gras, many high-end foot spas now offer a sinfully sweet way to care for your feet.

The Venetian in Las Vegas, for example, offers a $95 foot scrub where you choose an “ice cream” scoop of pedi-salts and scrubs. Flavors range from vanilla to pistachio. In water, this scented scoop fizzles, releasing minerals and oils to revitalize your soaking feet.

The Ice Cream soak is followed by a sugar-scrub exfoliation, a creamy marshmallow mud mask and “body icing” leaves you feeling like a giant King’s Cake. Your toes appear as beignets-glazed in the color of your choice, remind you of the brightly colored beads you might have ended up with.

So if you want to do something special this Mardi Gras without traveling to the Crescent City, treat your feet to the healthiest dessert on the menu! You can stay on your diet…and go back for seconds!

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