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Post Election Day Foot Pain

So you stood in line for 4 hours to vote and today your feet hurt worse than the election results whether republican or democrat. More than likely your feet are responding to having gravity pull all your body fluids to your feet. Like water flowing from a high mountain top to the shores to the […]

Dance Away On Your Wedding Day

I recently saw a patient that was young, healthy, and a new bride. She came into the office with a complaint of severe pain in both of her feet. She had no bunions or hammertoes, just severe pain in her feet and toes. I asked when the wedding was and she replied that it was […]

I’m Pregnant and My Ankles Hurt, What Can I Do?

Lately I have been getting a lot of questions from patients regarding their ankles during pregnancy. They complain of pain and not being able to walk with comfort for any extended period of time. While the body changes during pregnancy, it can affect the joints of the ankles and feet. Most of us know the […]

Winning an Oscar

I watched the Oscars and the annual fashion show on the red carpet. While all the women were glamorous from head to toe, by the end of the night most of them were either barefoot or carrying their shoes looking for a place to sit. Although high heels and stilettos may make womens legs more […]