Post Election Day Foot Pain

So you stood in line for 4 hours to vote and today your feet hurt worse than the election results whether republican or democrat.

More than likely your feet are responding to having gravity pull all your body fluids to your feet. Like water flowing from a high mountain top to the shores to the low valley rivers, blood and normal body fluid go downhill. Any long period of standing can result in swollen legs, ankles and feet. Compound this with dress shoes and hard concrete and you get inflammation added to your problems. Your feet don’t do well on hard surfaces as the bones in your feet have a hard time staying in proper alignment and press against those hard surfaces. These pains are easily treated with anti-inflammatories, ice, elevation and a good pair of supportive socks.

Supportive socks help increase the pressures within your feet and legs thus squeezing fluid back towards the heart. What are good supportive socks? Athletic socks, women’s hoses and anything tight up to the knee.

When sitting at work or driving in the car, try occasionally pumping your calf muscles. This works like a pump to milk the fluid from your feet and legs back up to the heart.

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