Is The Minimal Incision Bunionectomy Right For Me?

Do you have a bump at the base of your big toe that is red and hurts in shoes? Does your big toe tilt toward your second toe? Sounds like a bunion. A bunion is a structural deformity of the foot where the long bones, called metatarsals, shift inward. Chances are if you have this, someone in your family tree had bunions too.

The bump at the base of the big toe is painful in shoes and gets worse over time. Women complain of bunions more often than men due to the shoes women wear. In high heel shoes, all the weight is pushed forward on the foot toward the toes, crowding the toes and causing pain. People put up with the pain for a long time because they have heard how painful bunion surgery can be. The problem with waiting too long is that sometimes the bone has shifted too much for the foot surgeon to do much for you.

Most people think the procedure is extremely painful, however, most of our patients will tell you the surgery hurt a lot less than the bunion did in shoes. The problem with bunions is there are so many different surgical procedures to correct the problem that the right procedure has to be chosen based upon your specific foot in order for the correction to last.

We at Houston Foot Specialists perform all types of bunion correction procedures, but not all are right for you. Dr. Bowman will take his time explaining what procedure is best for you and what options you have.

We have been asked more and more about the minimal incision bunion surgery as of late. Do we perform it? Yes, if its the right procedure for you. We have to stress that not everyone is a candidate for this type of procedure. Some procedures are done through small incisions and some need a larger incision. What is more important than the size of the incision is whether the specific procedure will provide a lasting correction for your bunion.

No two feet are the same. See your foot surgeon sooner rather than later when you see a bunion forming. Not only will it be easier to correct, it will also heal quicker.

Dr. Bowman has been performing bunion surgery for twenty five years and will take his time to explain which procedure is right for you, answer all your questions, and show you exactly what needs to be done to get the desired outcome.

Often, conservative means of treatment may help you enough so that you dont need surgery. Orthotics certainly will help, as well as wearing wider shoes and padding and taping the toe in the straight position..

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