Dry Skin and Red

Of the many award shows happening this year, the anticipated Academy Awards are coming up March 2, 2014. The entertainment, shoo-ins, upsets, and who rubs shoulders with whom are all a part of the elaborate evening. What celebrities wear, though, usually takes center stage, and shoes are often the focus of attention. Unfortunately, close up pictures can show dry skin and foot problems, revealing feet that arent red carpet worthy.

You may not be walking down an awards show red carpet but rather getting dressed up for a night out. It can be frustrating when dry, cracked skin on your feet doesnt allow your new, beautiful shoes to stand out like they should. The condition is simply caused by a lack of moisturefrom being dehydrated, going barefoot, using a soap that dries out your skin, certain styles of shoes, diabetes, aging, and weather. This can be prevented, though! Repairing damage at the start is important because dry skin can grow into a painful callus at risk for cracking. Once tiny cracks develop, your feet are at risk for infection, and it can be painful to walk.

Use a daily foot cream with glycolic acid or lactic acid to add in lost moisture. Lanolin is effective on rough or cracked areas of skin. A foot file or pumice stone after bathing is useful to slough away rough patches of skin and keep calluses from forming. If it is difficult for you to do this on your own, ask a family member or visit a reputable, safe salon for a healthy pedicure.

If you still have problems, we are here to help! Dry skin is a minor problem that could turn serious without the right treatment. Contact Dr. Aleisha Allen if you need help getting your feet back in shape. Call Houston Foot Specialists in Houston, TX at (713) 467-8886 to make an appointment today.

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