In lieu of the most recent scientific blog concerning skin grafts I felt it prudent to continue with this discussion on grafts. Skin grafts can be taken directly from yourself (autograft), from another source of the same species (allograft), OR from another species (xenograft). Dermagraft is one such form example of skin grafting.

What is it?

Dermagraft is derived from cryopreserved human tissue therefore it is an allograft. It is composed of fibroblasts, extracellular matrix, and a bio-absorbable scaffold. It comes in a prepackaged frozen form that must be correctly thawed prior to application. It can be used for various types of non-healing wounds, with the exception of wounds that have active infection. The cellular composition is designed to help build tissue and aid in the closure of the wound. The grafts are applied on a weekly basis and can be used until complete wound closure.

Dermagraft is just one form of skin graft substitute that can be used to in the treatment of non-healing wounds. Please note that wounds are dynamic and what it needs one day may change the next.

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