Why Do I Need A Foot Doctor?

I have heard this question countless times during my years in practice. I usually answer this way, If you had chest pains, would you see a dentist? I find it interesting how many people ignore their feet. Granted, feet are at the end of the body and stuffed in shoes, but you still see them daily while putting on your shoes. You might think, My toe looks weird, my ankle is sore, or my feet are in pain. When you have foot or ankle pain, shouldnt you see a foot and ankle doctor?

Foot or ankle pain is not normal and shouldnt be a regular part of your life. Instead of seeking help, people tend to adjust their activities to avoid pain. Why limit yourself or give up something you love just because your feet or ankles hurt. Your podiatrist can help you.

Mike, a patient of mine told me he was once an avid runner but had to stop because, I couldnt handle the ankle pain any more. He never did anything about it except to give up on something he enjoyed. As a result, his lifestyle became sedentary and he lost muscle tone and gained weight. His primary care doctor referred him to me and we discussed his problems and what we could do for him. Since Mikes first visit with me a year ago, we have not only eliminated his ankle pain but he has resumed running and is now training for the Houston Marathon. Not only was he much happier, he lost 37 pounds now that he is free of the pain.

Earlier today, I saw a new patient who just returned from a vacation with her husband in Europe. Molly was upset because during the whole 2 weeks her feet were killing me from all the walking she did. She said she had to sit out a lot of the things they had planned. She told me she had heel pain for months but since she sat at work she never noticed the pain until she got up in the morning or after sitting for a while. The trip made the pain worse, and she decided to seek relief. I advised her that this could have been avoided if she would have seen a podiatrist before her trip. I assured her that her next trip would much more enjoyable.

If you find yourself adjusting your activities because of foot or ankle pain, call your foot doctor today! No matter what your age, your feet should not limit the way you live your life or prevent you from enjoying the activities you love.

No matter how little or large your foot or ankle problem may be, call Dr. Bowman for an appointment to discuss all methods of treatment options and be free of the pain. Remember, foot pain is not normal!

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