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Finding a Podiatrist Who Is Right for You

Where do you turn when you need a plumber, electrician, or reliable car mechanic? There is a host of online groups such as AngiesList that provide reviews from others of reliable tradesman in your area that you can trust. Finding a podiatrist is just as important, because they are the only experts in the medical […]


In continuation of our tour of skin grafts, we will now discuss another form of skin graft substitute: Apligraf. Apligraf has the same indications, as does dermagraft, non-healing wounds such as in diabetics with neuropathy. A common contraindication is in a wound with active infection. Like Dermagraft, Apligraf is cryopreserved after manufacturing and stored for […]

PRP (Platlet Rich Plasma) or Did Dracula Know Best?

We all know the story behind Dracula, or at least the Hollywood story. The name invokes a savage, bloodthirsty monster that lost no sleep draining his victims of their life source. He is depicted as being so pale and pasty that makes red headed individuals look tan. I mean no offense to the red headed […]

Tradition and Culture

How often have you been channel surfing only to end up spending the next several hours watching some documentary on the Discovery or History channel? Of these documentaries, how many contained insight into ritualistic practices from worldly tribes? We have all watched a program where individuals had various body parts altered in some fashion. Most […]

You Nailed It

Surgery is often times like carpentry. There are many amazing devices that are at your Podiatric physicians disposal to assist him in your care. One such device/implant is the intramedullary nail (IM nail). The use of this implant is strictly used for the fusion of joints, specifically your ankle and subtalar. The main indications for […]

Healthy Nails

The health industry is overflowing with products to improve and maintain ones health. Products range from supplements, to more natural food products (Organic), and countless exercise programs. These are all aimed at general wellness. If you could take an individual part of your body, say your nails, what can you do to improve them? Healthy […]

Feet of Royalty

How much time do we spend pampering ourselves? We spend hours upon hours giving our body the Royal Treatment. It would be interesting to know how much money the average person spends on such things. When was the last time you looked at what a spa had to offer and took the time to research […]

Bone Grafting?

Grafting is not uncommon terminology. It is used in horticulture where you take a cutting of one plant and either insert it into a portion of the same plant OR of another type of plant. Grafting is also used in the medical field. We have all heard of skin grafting which can be from taken […]

In Memoriam

It is that time of year when we remember and honor the service men and women who bravely and valiantly serve our great nation. We remember the men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense not only of our country, but of other nations as well. We also need to remember the […]

An Ace up the Sleeve for Doctor’s

Im sure at some point in your life you have wondered about the instruments/tools/toys your physician uses on a daily basis. Lets be honest, your physician is like the Empire in Star Wars; they get all the really cool gadgets. Just when you think they couldnt possibly have anything else to play with, you find […]