The Question All Podiatrist’s Get Asked

It is quite common for a Podiatrist to be asked the Million Dollar question.Why feet? Why is the first question always, why feet? It almost always sounds like it was a poor choice in career. How many people ask their Cardiologist, why hearts? Or your Proctologist, why butts?

I think there are many reasons why your Podiatrist was called to the field. I understand I may not speak for every practicing Podiatrist, but I think the following could be agreed upon by the majority.

  • Due to the rise in Diabetes, the need for foot care is at an increasing demand that has yet to be met.
  • People participating in sporting/outdoor activities is also increasing at record levels, therefore the need to care for sports related injuries to the foot and ankle. I am one of the many.
  • As Podiatrists, we are so much more than nail or callus trimmers, not that nails and calluses dont need attention, but we are capable of much more. We are surgeons and clinicians.
  • The joy of instant gratification in knowing that most of our patients walk into our offices with some form of complaint and can leave that same day with relief. Obviously this isnt always the case, but I find this to be true in the majority of my encounters.

Again, I cannot speak for all practicing Podiatrists, but I think the above is a good list of reasons why Podiatry can be an attractive career. So the next time you see your Podiatrist and are about to ask that Million Dollar question, remember the above.

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