Resolution, the Safe Way. Is a Marathon In Your Future?

Its that time of year where we all begin to make a list of resolutions on how to improve ourselves the next year. We come up with grandiose ideas of eating healthier, exercising regularly, saving more, spending more time with family, etc. The thought of bettering yourself is a courageous concept, because it is openly admitting your inadequacies. However, as is the joke every year, most ideas of change only last a few months. The excuses mount and by then end of the year, the same resolutions are made again. I am not at all saying you shouldnt try though. But this year I urge you to practice some precautions, especially if you are looking at getting back into shape OR preparing for that marathon you have always wanted to run. Things you should keep in mind:

  1. Slow is Better if you are looking at starting an exercise routine, please do not begin at a pro-athlete level. Your risk of causing a stress fracture or injuring ligaments/tendons is greatly increased if you start at 90 mph as opposed to a nice slow and steady pace. You are also less likely to give up if you begin slower because of less pain. Am I saying you wont have pain if you start slow, NO. I am saying you will have less pain due to easing your body into a new activity rather than pounding it into one.
  2. Doctors Note if you have known medical conditions, please seek the advice of your family physician before beginning your exercise program. More than likely your physician will clear you without any qualms to exercise and applaud your renewed efforts. However, you may need to have some things checked out before being fully cleared.
  3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate just in case I didnt say it enough, hydrate. Please make sure you are drinking plenty of water before and after exercise. Staying hydrated can help with those pesky muscle cramps, not to mention the overall benefit to your body. Staying hydrated will also help you perform your exercise for longer duration, especially in the hot summer months.
  4. Loosen up Goose stretching your muscles before AND after an exercise bout will greatly reduce your risk of injury. Stretching is a wonderful way to warm your muscles up before you exercise AND help cool them down after you exercise. Stretching will also help keep you flexible longer in life.
  5. Proper attire suit up!!! Having the proper gear will increase your success. You dont hammer a nail with a screwdriver or hit a baseball with a golf club. Make sure your shoes are of proper quality (3 year old shoes that have no sole and multiple holes are not proper running shoes). See your foot doctor to see if your feet are in the correct position, often custom orthotics are needed.
  6. Relax some people think that exercising everyday is the best method. I personally and respectfully disagree. I think it is important to give your body a day of rest in order to recuperate from the prior stresses and loads you have demanded of it.
  7. Goals it always helps to have a goal, but please set realistic goals. Grand goals are okay to have, but set smaller goals in between to encourage you. It is so easy to become discouraged from that ultimate goal if you dont have smaller milestones that you can use to drive you further.
  8. Encouragement I find it easier to achieve my goals when I have people in my corner either cheering me on, OR running with me. Find someone that can hold you accountable. Chances are, you will also hold them accountable. There is power in numbers.

So as you prepare for the New Year, please keep the above in mind. I applaud and encourage your eagerness to improve yourself. If you have any concerns about the health of your feet, please contact Dr. Bowman at 713-467-8886 or visit

I wish you all a Happy New Year. Blessings and good health in this upcoming year.

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