Impetigo on the Foot?!

You may have heard of a skin condition commonly seen in children called Impetigo. Impetigo is bacterial skin infection that produces small vesicles on the face and arms of children that eventually rupture, forming a honey-colored crust. Although it is a superficial infection, it is highly contagious. It is usually caused by a gram (+) bacterial species like Staph and Strep; strep being the more common.

This condition can be seen in adults, but not on the face or upper extremities. In adults, the more common location is the leg or foot. The presentation is similar as that seen in children, with the classic honey-colored crusted lesions. Again, Strep and Staph are the common organisms at fault with MRSA potential being noted.


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  • Topical antibiotic therapy with Mupirocin ointment has been proven quite successful
  • It is typically a 2% ointment that is to be applied 3x per day for up to 2 weeks.
  • Other topical agents that can be used are Bactroban or Centany
  • Oral antibiotics can be used, but I think topical agents are the preferred method

In the words of Ripley, Believe it OR Not.

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