Heel Blister that Could Have Been Avoided

Scenario #1:

Day 1 of boot camp began at an hour of the day that you only thought existed in horror movies. After more push-ups than your fragile, shaking arms could handle your drill instructor, whom you have renamed Beelzebub, orders you to put on your combat boots. The next thing you know, you are Forest Gump himself. Halfway into the run the back of your heel starts to rub. By the end of the day you have a bright red, painful spot on the backs of your heels. You know what comes next: blistering.

Scenario #2:

You are planning for a night on the town with the girls and have just purchased the cutest pair of shoes, and yes they are heels. The evening approaches with a dinner at an amazing downtown restaurant. After dinner, you and the girls begin the bar/dance club hopping experience that legends are made of. Half-way through this epic evening, the back of your heel begins rubbing on your adorable, yet fashionable, shoes. You spent way too much money on the shoes so going barefoot is not an option. You know what comes next: blistering.
How could these 2 scenarios have ended better, in regards to the infamous heel blister?

  • Make sure your shoes are the proper size. Not too small and definitely not too large. Shoes that are too large will cause slipping, thus blister formation.
  • Wearing socks that fit. Socks that dont properly fit, bunch in the back, and tend to rub. This again, leads to blister formation.

If a blister begins what can you do?

  • Change shoes and evaluate whether your shoes are properly sized.
  • Evaluate your socks.
  • Place mole skin or some other form of padded covering over the area of irritation.
  • I would say wear appropriate shoes, but most of the time this cant be avoided. Like being in the military and running in combat boots. Its going to happen. Therefore, plan ahead and treat appropriately.

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