Forget the Glass Slipper Romeo, She Wants Chocolate!

A sweet secret with a 3-inch heel will really make you want to put your foot in your mouth! This Valentine’s Day you can put a smile on your significant others’ face with the delicious blend of Godiva and Louis Vuitton. Jewelry, Flowers, Teddy Bears and Pajamas beware, Cinderella wouldn’t have stepped foot in one of these. Chocolate high heels are the gift to give.

The Cobblers of Cocoa atSchakoladChocolate Factory in The Woodlands offer their customers a unique and scrumptious replacement to the boring heart-shaped box. A milk, dark or white chocolate shell is roughly the size of an actual shoe. These pumps can be filled with a variety ofchocolaty treats and adorned with candied lace and small accessories. They have other shoe styles for other occasions including a chocolate flip-flop or a chocolate foot!

Their specialized European-style chocolates are made fresh every day.SchakoladblendsBelgian and French Chocolates of 72% pure cocoa with fresh cream. Store owner Veronica Kearney says this mixture is, “chocolate unmasked which imparts a mouthwatering, savory sensation”.Schakoladis found on the corner of Research Forest and Six Pines at the Research Forest Plaza Shopping Center in The Woodlands, TX. Being dressed “to the nines” is given a whole new meaning when you leaveSchakoladwith one of these!

The price of the pump? A single chocolate-molded high heel of the finest quality is only around $30.00. At that price I would be willing to buy a full chocolate tuxedo!

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