Foot and Ankle Injury – Even the celebrities have them!

Have you ever had a foot or ankle injury? If you have, you know just how truly painful it can be. Yao Ming the professional Chinese Basketball player has recently retired as a result of the many injuries he sustained while on the court. Alex Trebek, has sustained an Achilles injury as a result of his limited jump into crime fighting. These celebrities are in the news because it is obvious that these injuries have a negative effect on their professions. What about the rest of us? Every day, we are on our feet for hours on end, from the moment we get out of bed to the time we climb into the bed at the end of the day and our feet take the brunt of our daily activity. The health of your feet is very important to enjoying everyday activities as well as getting you through your career. For those who have foot and ankle injuries, you realize how much youve taken for granted just walking around (and sometimes just sitting) without pain.

What types of foot and ankle injuries are there? Well, the obvious injury for our celebrity basketball player is stress fractures and Alex Trebeck is dealing with the Achilles rupture. Then there are the ones that most people have heard of before, like ankle sprains, bunions, and corns but there are those that cause foot pain that not everyone knows about, like hammertoes, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. If you want to know more about these types of foot and ankle injuries, you should check out our website at for more information on all different types of foot and ankle problems that can arise.

How do you prevent foot and ankle injuries? While each injury or problem that arises can have specific prevention techniques, here are a couple basic instructions you can follow to prevent many foot and ankle injuries. One would be to take a good look at your shoes. Are you wearing the right shoes for the activity your involved in? Are the shoes supportive and well built? Can you fold them in half? (thats not a good thing). If shoes arent good, throw them out! Your feet will thank you. If your ankles are prone to sprain, make sure you wear ankle braces, especially when playing sports or engaged in highly active events. If you want to know any other prevention instructions for certain foot or ankle problems, check out and click on the Educational Videos and scroll down to read up on some foot and ankle problems. We are happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have on this blog, please call 713-467-8886


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