Feet Suffer With Excess Weight

Have you ever been told by your doctor to lose weight? You may want to heed this advice for your overall health and the health of your feet. A patient called Sherri weighed in at 352 pounds. She was sluggish, had hard time walking with comfort and had constant problems with ingrown nails to both feet. She also complained of constant pins and needles in her legs and feet (common in diabetics) and had a difficult time finding shoes that fit.

Sherri is young and headed down a dangerous road with this excess weight. The toll it takes on the body are too numerous to list here but a few would be heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, heel pain, over-pronation, bunions, ingrown nails and many more.

We had an honest talk about what the obesity was doing to this pretty young woman. She was advised it was her weight that was causing all her foot woes. We discussed the benefits of weight loss would have on her feet and whole body. Lose of all the extra weight would do away with her foot pain.

Sherri took this discussion to heart and did something about it. Sherri lost 208 pounds with aide of weight loss surgery. Though she still had flat feet from all the years of carrying that weight she no longer suffered from the other symptoms. Her painful flat feet were corrected with custom orthotics that fit in all her shoes.

How you lose the weight is up to you but discuss it with Dr. Bowman and he can give you advice on what it is doing to your feet. Feel free to contact Dr. Bowman at 713-467-8886 or make an online appointment at www.houstonfootspecialists.com.

Sherri has given her permission for you to contact her for more details through her Blogger account.

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