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About a month ago, Dr. Jeffrey Bowman wrote an article on Epsom salt and how it can make your feet look, smell and feel better. That article has been featured on the Epsom Salt Councils website, PR Newswire, Health News Digest, Podiatry Management News, and even the Wall Street Journal! You can read the original article by clicking here. That article lead to Dr. Bowman having an interview on Its Your Health Radio with Lisa Davis. In the interview you can hear how Dr. Bowman decided to become a podiatrist, hear the benefits of Epsom salts, and how to make your feet look and feel great. Check out this clip of Dr. Bowman about why peoples feet smell:

It is bacteria thats living in the shoes. And most people wear the same shoes everyday. They find something thats comfortable, or theyre wearing a specialized work boot, or whatever. They have no idea whats growing in there.
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