Can A Salon Pedicure A Pose A Health Risk? New Gel Polish Is a Popular Trend, But…

Pedicures have grown in popularity over the years. Now that its spring, a lot of women break out the sandals and want those toes looking good. Gel nail polish is all the rage. Why? It lasts up to two weeks, or longer, without chipping and peeling. After the salon applies the polish it has to dry in UV light to cure. That is the danger.

The UV light is blamed for an increased risk of skin cancer. The skin cancer is usually found around the tissue surrounding the nail or on the toes, but can affect the whole foot. If skin cancer is suspected, a biopsy will be performed. The most common form of skin cancer in this area is squamous cell carcinoma.

If a patient insists on getting a gel nail polish pedicure, Dr. Bowman recommends the patient apply sunscreen to the feet that is SPF 50 or higher at least 30 minutes prior to the salon appointment.

It is always a good idea to check your feet for any new growths and check between the toes as well. If you notice something new or that has changed, see your podiatrist right away.

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