A Response to Christartist

Dont know if you know it or not, but one of Dr. Bowmans patients, Christi, has been keeping a blog through her experience with Dr. Bowman. If you havent already, you should check it out and read her blog to hear straight from a patient what its like to have Dr. Bowman as your podiatrist. See her testimonial by clicking here.

Christi has need several surgeries to correct the problems in her feet and ankles. Where many other podiatrists told Christi that she had plantar fasciitis, but only offered injections to take care of the problem. Dr. Bowman knew that something had to be wrong because of the amount of injections she had received, but the pain still remained. So he guided her through the surgery process and even preformed the surgery for her.

But after the surgery for the plantar fasciitis, Christi still had pain in another part of her foot. After further inspection, Dr. Bowman figured out that Christis Anterior Tendon was damaged. So another round of surgery by Dr. Bowman on Christis right foot. Now she is healing up very nicely and by January, Christi was able to walk a 5k on the beach of Galveston! Recently, Dr. Bowman also fixed her Achilles Tendon Rupture and she is doing great!

The funniest thing about this though is that Christi is a Ohio State Buckeye, while Dr. Bowman is a Michigan Wolverine. If you read Christis blog, youll see the hilarious antics these two have done to support their teams.

If you have any questions on plantar fasciitis, Anterior Tendon damage or any other questions on foot or ankle pain, contact Dr. Bowman at Houston Foot Specialists. Dr. Bowman would love to help you just like he helped Christi.

And thanks Christi for being such a great patient! Oh and GO BLUE!!!

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