A Common Fungal Infection

Despite its name, athletes foot can happen to anyone. So whats with the name? According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, athletes foot received its name because the infection was common among athletes who used facilities such as swimming pools, showers, and locker rooms. These areas are warm and damp, which are a breeding ground for fungi. However, the medical name for this disease is Tinea Pedis.

Athletes foot is a skin disease caused by fungus and, unfortunately, is contagious. It is one of the most common fungal infections and can affect all areas of the feet. However, it particularly occurs in the area between your toes and can be contracted in places where bare feet come in contact with fungus, such as dressing rooms, showers and swimming pool locker rooms.

This fungal infection has uncomfortable symptoms. Many times, athletes foot causes itching, stinging and burning between the toes. People have also been known to have cracking, peeling or excessive dryness on the bottoms or sides of their feet. Blisters can also happen on the feet, which lead to cracking of the skin. The infection can also spread to the soles of your feet and toenails. Keep in mind that this infection is not just contained to your feet, but can spread to other parts of your body, like the groin and underarm areas. Thats why its important to wash your hands if youve touched the infected area, wash sheets and towels, and avoid sharing shoes.
You can prevent athletes foot by washing your feet daily with soap and water, and drying your feet – especially between the toes. Avoid walking barefoot in public rest rooms and wear shower shoes. Change your shoes and socks regularly to decrease moisture and use a foot powder daily.

Treatment depends on the severity of the condition. There are many over the counter medications and powders to help clear up and keep your feet from getting worse. However, if you try over the counter medications and still dont see improvement after five days, it would be in your best interest to contact our office. Dr. Aleisha Allen DPM would love to help you get rid of your Athletes Foot!


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