Category: Bone Problems

Bone Fusion

If your Podiatrist ever says you need a fusion, he is not talking about the energy source that the Russians were after in The Saint. He/She also isnt saying you need to go grab a V8 fusion drink, although if you really need one Im sure it wouldnt be frowned upon, especially if you provided […]

Subungual Exostosis OR Osteochondroma

Photo Credit: artur84 via Eenie Meenie Miney Mo: a truly amazing democratic way of selecting something, although Im not sure it is ever a good idea to catch a tiger by his toe or tail. This phrase has typically been applied when a child cannot decide between the Hershey bar OR the Snickers, knowing […]

Is More Better?

Your Podiatrist just informed you that you have an extra bone in your foot. You dont seem too upset, after all, more is typically better..right. No one complains when there is MORE ice cream, MORE episodes of Star Trek, MORE money in the bank. Unfortunately, your doctor says this extra bone could be a problem. […]