When Your Heel Pain Hurts Your Stride

A small sliver in your finger or a toothache that leaves you with a constant level of discomfort can be annoying as well as painful. Running with heel pain can be frustrating as well. The Muddy Trails Bash on April 5, 2014 will take runners through the beautiful George Mitchell Nature Preserve in Houston, TX. The trails and fun, family atmosphere make this a great spring event. If you are a runner dealing with heel pain, take care of it before signing up for this upcoming race.

Whether you are a weekend warrior or an avid runner, it is important to listen to your body. Any type of foot pain is a signal or red flag to get your attention. Dont chalk it up as something that is just part of the game. This is simply not true, and foot problems often get worse without treatment. Heel pain in particular is common among runners. In fact, Running Research News states, a million runners develop heel pain every year. While it is comforting to know you are not alone, true comfort will only come with the right treatment.

If you run on a regular basis, it is likely your heel pain is stemming from plantar fasciitis, an injury to the plantar fascia ligament on the bottom of your foot. It runs the length of your sole and attaches at the heel. Overuse, increasing mileage or speed too quickly, and bad footwear can cause tearing and inflammation within the plantar fasciathe result is heel and arch pain. Rest, ice, stretching, and shoe modifications are usually the first line of defense when treating this type of foot pain. No pain, no gain is a motivational phrase you need to throw out the window. Address your symptoms as soon as they start to protect your foot health and your running career.

For further help, dont hesitate to contact Houston Foot Specialists. We can assess the severity of your injury and provide anti-inflammatory medications, steroid injections, night splints, physical therapy, custom orthotic inserts, and surgery if necessary. Call Dr. Jeff Bowman at (713) 467-8886 to make an appointment at our office in Houston, TX.

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