Toenail Trimming Tips: The Right Way Makes a Difference

A captivating summer movie that just released is called Tracks. It details the true journey of a young woman who makes a solo trek across 2,000 miles of the Australian desert with her dog and some camels. A National Geographic photographer meets her along the way and captures her journey. What would you need on a solo trek like this to take care of your feet? You may not be crossing the desert this summer, but here are some toenail trimming tips to keep your feet looking and feeling great.

You may be wondering, Why do I need to be concerned with how I trim my toenails? It is a fair question, but we see enough injuries to know that many dont know the answer. Cutting your toenails cannot be done carelessly or you will be at risk for injury. The following tips will help you avoid a common foot problem: the painful ingrown toenail.

One mistake is cutting nails too short. This can be painful in itself, but can also encourage the nail to become ingrown. Second, cut your nails straight across. It is common to think they need a curved shape, but the truth is that cutting the corners of the nail can also encourage it to grow into the surrounding skin and become ingrown.

Many people believe it is better to cut nails right after the shower or bath when they are soft. While they may easier to cut then, they can also tear or bend. You will get a cleaner, smoother cut if you do it when they are dry. Use several small cuts along the nail, rather than attempting one large cut that could end up being crooked or too short.

These tips are easy but importantespecially for those with diabetes, who could face a serious complication should an injury occur. If you cant trim your nails properly, dont be afraid to ask for help! Houston Foot Specialists has treatment for any type of foot pain. Contact Dr. Jeff Bowman at (713) 467-8886 to make an appointment at our office in Houston, TX.

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