Things that Help you Feel Lucky During Recovery

When you injure yourself or have to have surgery on your foot or ankle, you dont exactly feel lucky. And the recovery process is a struggle. But there are items you can use during that process to help you feel a bit more lucky. If you have these things handy while you heal, the entire process will feel more simple and easy than it could. Here are a few things that can help you feel lucky during the recovery process.

1. Alternatives to Crutches

Crutches are hard to use and they can even make you ache in places other than your injured area. If you want your mobility back and if you want to avoid pain that you shouldnt have while you recover, look into the three alternatives that Goodbye Crutches offers. You will feel lucky to have any of the three on hand during your recovery. They include the popular Knee Scooter, a wheeled device that allows you to scoot yourself around with your good leg; the Seated Scooter, another wheeled device that you can sit and scoot; and theHands Free Crutch, which allows you to walk much like normal.

2. Cozy Toe Warmers

If you have a cast, your toes are sticking out the end and exposed. Even in the spring and summer they can get chilled. The Cozy Toe Warmer fits over your toes like a slipper and wraps around the back of your cast. It fastens with adjustable Velcro and can be washed anytime. Not only will you feel luckier, but your toes will thank you for using this device during your recovery.

3. Shower Stools and Grab Bars

It should never be a chore to shower. It should be something you enjoy. When youre injured, its just plain hard. But that doesnt mean you should stand on one leg, trying to balance yourself for the entire shower. And it doesnt mean you should take a fast shower just because you cant stand up any longer. Shower stools can help ensure you safety for the duration of your shower, no matter how long you want to sit and soak. And the grab bars help you get in and out of the shower safely and with ease.

4. Cast Cooler

As the spring months get warmer, you may start to feel the itch and discomfort beneath your cast. Along with that comes a smell that is hard to stand for the length of time you have to have your cast on your foot and ankle. You will feel lucky to discover the Cast Cooler, a device you connect to your cast and a vacuum cleaner to suck the moist air from beneath your cast. You will feel fresh and clean again.

Its hard to feel lucky about much of anything when you are fighting an injury and doing your best to recover. But the above items will help your recovery feel easier and you will feel lucky to have them on your side.

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