The Super Foot

There many things in our world that we elaborate with the word super. There is the Super Bowl, the Super Star, and the Super Size which McDonalds made a ton of money on. What if I told you that you could add the word Super to describe your feet and how they feel? If you were like me, I would say yes please because all my other attempts at having super feet had failed. You can achieve super feet with an amazing brand of inserts called, get this, Super Feet. I mention these because I myself have used these inserts and found great relief and therefore highly recommend them.

What makes Super Feet shoe inserts so great?

  • Since their origination in 1977, they have been designed with the biomechanical principles that your Podiatric physician uses every day.
  • They are designed with the purpose of taking a 2-D midsole of your shoe and applying it to your 3-D foot.
  • They help stabilize the foot with a deep heel cup
  • Comfort and support are provided by the full length foam

There are several types:

  1. Low profile insert is the most accommodating and fits the widest range of foot types
  2. Medium profile insert provides basic support for most foot types
  3. High profile insert offers the most shape and provides maximum support

These insoles are called orthotics and work wonders when custom made. Do not be fooled by the over the counter ones, they offer little to no support.

As with any product, I always encourage you to do your homework and research the product. This insert worked wonders for me and I would highly recommend you giving these a try.

If you have any questions concerning the health of your feet, please contact Dr. Bowman at 713-467-8886.

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