The Pointy

If your toes could talk, what would they say? Would they thank you for monthly pedicure or scold you for not washing in between them? Would they give a sigh of relief when you removed those old socks and shoes? Would the smallest piggy truly cry Wee, Wee all the way home? I think it might be a bit of each. One thing I do think they would complain about is being crammed into shoes that are either too small OR have a narrow toe box. You might ask what does that really matter? What could possibly go wrong? The Answer:

When you forcefully cram your little piggies into shoes that are too small and narrow, like those fashionable heels OR Italian dress shoes (Guys), you begin to alter the mechanics (function) of your foot. Altering the function over long periods of time will eventually alter the anatomy (shape) of your foot. Altering the shape leads to pathology: Hammer toes, Bunions, Corns, etc.

Women especially have a knack for buying shoes that are too small. The idea of a big foot/big shoe is repulsive apparently. So you would rather have people think you have small feet and create corns, hammer toes, and bunions that are painful and sometimes unsightly? Okay, thats why there are Podiatrists.

For you gentlemen out there that have more fashion sense, you dont get a pass either. Yes the Italian, pointy-toed, leather shoes are quite the eye attraction. But what you pay for in looks is much less than what you will pay for in pain/discomfort later down the road.

So the next time you are out shopping for that new fashion and design, take a minute to ask yourself; what would my toes do (WWTD)?

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