The Birkenstock Rage

Have you ever wondered why and how sandals came to be? My thought is that someone was tired of wearing occlusive and restraining shoe gear. Freedom and breathability were a must and so the first sandal was designed. Since that time, the sandal craze has taken off and a countless variety have overwhelmed the retail market. Now, being a Podiatrist, not all sandals are created equal. When it comes to sandals that I would call Podiatric approved, one at the top of the list would be Birkenstocks. So what makes a Birkenstock a good fit for the foot?

Upper made of:

  • High-grade leather
  • Suede
  • Nubuck

Contoured foot bed made of cork:

  • Ensure proper weight distribution
  • Elevated arch for support
  • Toe bar helping with toe grip and flexion
  • Over time this foot bed conforms to that individuals foot

Shock absorbing soles

Deep heel cup that helps provide stability to the foot

These qualities arent found in your everyday sandal/flip flop. Most of the sandals you find in stores have no arch support OR enough sole to provide good shock absorption. As discussed in prior blogs concerning proper shoe gear, arch support and shock absorption are two key factors that all GOOD shoes must contain.

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