Stilettos OR Platforms

This is for all you fashion fanatics AND shoe junkies; woman OR man. If you have spent any length of time staring at the shoes in your closet trying to decide Stiletto vs. Platform, then hopefully this will assist you and while at the same time keeping your feet fabulous and happy. Lets first define the characteristics of each before we determine which one is better for your feet.


A platform can be either a shoe, boot, or sandal. The key component that they would all share is a wide, thick sole. These are often made of cork, plastic, rubber, or wood.


A stiletto is a shoe with a narrow, long, pointed heel. The length of the heel varies from 1 to 10. Only the very brave, agile, and Cirque de Sol types venture to try the 10 variety. Another key component is in the diameter of the heel; usually less than 1cm. Unless you can spin like a top, I wouldnt recommend strict heel walking. There is even a combination of stiletto/platform.

Which is healthy for my feet?

First of all, I will say that whatever shoe design you ladies choose to wear, they are fabulous. There, I said it. Now, the Podiatric Physician side of me says that you should choose a shoe that is built to support and protect the functionality of your foot. Stilettos may be an amazingly fashionable shoe, but they come with risks to your feet. By elevating your feet to such a degree, you alter the mechanical forces that make your foot function. Your muscles, tendons, and ligaments are now forced to either work harder OR not hard enough. Over time this can lead to physical deformities such as the hammer toe and bunion. You may also find that your legs become tired more quickly. Platforms, when not in the form of a high heel, offer good support and stability for your feet. Of course, this is within reason. If you are wearing platforms that have a 10 sole all around, you may destabilize the structures around your ankles and suffer an ankle injury. As with all shoe gear, proper understanding of the shoe structure and function and proper fit are of vital importance. Please also remember that not all shoe styles are appropriate for you.

If you have questions about a specific style of shoe that you are looking at trying and arent sure you should OR are in need of basic foot care, please contact Dr. Bowman at 713-467-8886 or visit

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