Staying Strong: How to Prevent Achilles Pain

We all have our limits depending on the situation that we find ourselves. In the summer, you may only be able to take so much time in the sun. We can only spend so much on souvenirs while on vacation and stay up by the campfire until our body gives out after a day full of adventure. Our bodies, including our feet and ankles, have limitsthe Achilles tendon in particular. While extremely strong, it also has a breaking point. An injury here can be quite damaging, so finding ways to prevent Achilles pain is key.

The Achilles is found at the back of your heel and it connects the two calf muscles to the heel bone. Under a lot of stress, this strong tendon can become inflamed and even tear or rupture. If you are an athlete or if you have simply been enjoying a new summer activity, pay attention to any symptoms in this area. Sharp pain, redness, and tenderness are all symptoms worthy of taking a time out. When the stress persists without intervention or treatment, the injury can develop into Achilles tendonitis.

The best prevention strategy is being proactive when symptoms start. Most important is stretching of Achilles before activity. Take a break from any activity that could further aggravate your heel and ice the Achilles for 15 to 20 minutes, three to four times a day.

Steer clear of weight bearing or high impact exercises and opt for cycling or swimming for a period of time. Make sure you have proper footwear that supports your arches and cushions your heels. We suggest a quick visit to Houston Foot Specialists so we can determine the severity of your injury and ensure you are on the right path of treatment. You may need a change of footwear, custom orthotics, or even physical therapy as well.

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