Something New on the Shoe Market

The idea of materials that conform to your body reducing pressure and thus adding comfort has been popularized by the mattress industry over the past years. Now you can find pillows, chair/couch cushions, and more with the memory foam concept of comfort. The idea of letting your body sink into a blissful cocoon of comfort is serenity to many. Sketchers has now upped the ante by taking this memory foam technology and adding it to your shoes.

There slogan is simple: Millions sleep on it every night, so why not walk on it every day.

Its a catchy slogan, and how many people have your ever heard complain of a pillow or a mattress made out of memory foam?

The memory foam shoe by Sketchers has the technology within the in-sole. With its instant conforming nature, the memory foam is designed to reduce pressure and maximize comfort to your feet all day. Sounds great, right?

As with all new shoe designs that we have previously discussed, I still urge you to research the product and make an informed decision as to whether this shoe is right for you and your needs. I am by no means discouraging you from trying these, or any other shoe. I only encourage you to be prudent.

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