Shoes, What They Say About You!

One of the first things people will notice about you the first time you meet will be your shoes. Are your shoes clean or dirty? Are the heels scraped and marred, are there dirty toe marks on your open toe shoes?

To make lasting first impressions, make sure you have properly cleaned shoes.

Removing toe marks from open toe shoes:Get a good microfiber cloth that you keep for just this purpose. Wet one half of it with warm water and wring out really well. Start rubbing up and down on the toe marks and then side to side. Continue rubbing until the toe area looks clean. If the lining is a suede-like finish, then use a suede brush or a nail brush to brush the nap and reset it. Dry thoroughly, out of the sun. If you do this before the marks are severe it will only take you moments.

Fabric boots and shoes:You can clean fabric shoes with aSoot and Dirt Remover Sponge. Rub it, like a big brick eraser, over the fabric. I suggest you do this outside because the sponge will crumble and rub off as you use it. If there are still marks, use the microfiber cloth the same way as for the open toe shoes.

Suede leather boots and shoes:Use a suede brush on them frequently. Work against the grain first and then reset the nap by brushing in the right direction. For a mark that wont come out. Wring out a cloth in undiluted white vinegar and GENTLY rub. Test in an inconspicuous spot first. Do not over wet and let dry completely.

Leather shoes:Washing frequently withDove Moisturizing Bar Soapwill keep them clean and conditioned. Every now and then, when they get scuffed, polish with the appropriate color polish. Touch up scuffs on black or brown shoes with an appropriate colored permanent marker.

Unusual colored shoes:For styles that dont lend themselves to shoe polish tryLeather CPR. It is for all color leather and cleans and conditions. Find it at Bed Bath and Beyond. You can also wash the shoes with a damp cloth and Dove Bar Soap. Dont rinse, just buff.

Kiwi Express Shine(neutral):I really like this instant shine sponge to freshen up leather shoes with a quick swipe. Simply glide the sponge over the shoe and you are done. Shoes look shiny and bright. Remember to wash off excess dirt first. Since this is neutral it works on all colors.

Stinky shoes?UseOdrozout. It is an all-natural odor eliminator. Sprinkle in shoes when you take them off and just leave it until you wear them again. Shake the Odorzout outside or in the sink or toilet. If any remains, it will keep your feet and shoes smelling fresh. Go to for a store location. As a preventative measure, keep the insides of all shoes dry. Allow to air dry after long periods of sweating or submersion in water.

Make the first impression count. You wouldnt see a Lamborghini with cheap hub-cap rims. Dont let your shoes be the most unappealing part of your countenance.

Special thanks to Linda Cobb, Queen of Clean,

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