Shining the Light on Preventing Blisters

Are you a runner looking for a crazy, fun adventure? You need to check out the Blacklight Run happening July 12, 2014 in Houston, TX. You and hundreds of others will complete the 5K in UV neon glowing madnessit is a running race like no other! If you run regularly, chances are you have experienced a blister or two. Its a pesky injury that can be downright painful. Preventing blisters doesnt take much effort, but the payoff is invaluable.

A blister is caused by friction and is actually a way that your skin tries to protect itself. For example, the socks you wear can rub against your skin if your shoes have a tight heel cup. A hot spot starts, and eventually a blister will appear to protect the skin underneath from being further damaged. The skin on your feet is tender, making even a small blister quite painful and prone to infection if not properly cared for. Stop this problem from the get-go with some easy prevention tips. The first is simple: wear the right shoes. This cannot be underestimated, as wearing the wrong shoe for your activity puts your feet in the line of fire. For example, if you are going hiking, dont wear your tennis shoes. Second, make sure your shoes fit properly. Your feet can change sizes as you age. Certain deformities such as bunions, hammertoes, or heel spurs may require a certain style so the bumps dont rub against your shoes. Blisters can also form when shoes are too loose or too tight. Next, wear a moisture wicking sock and try a lubricant or powder to reduce friction. If you sense a hot spot forming, use a piece of moleskin or padding to stop it from getting worse.

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