Running Shoe Diaries: “The Rock & Roll Side”

I like that old time Rock & Roll. As Bob Segar would say its the kind of music that soothes the soul. Its the same music that encouraged Tom Cruise to dance in his underwear.with the help of some really creative writers. Ten points for those of you who can name that movie. So, it would be safe to say that Mr. Segar knows a little something about musical Rock & Roll.

Rock & Roll was a different form and style from traditional music. Likewise, the rocker-bottom shoe is also a style completely different from your standard shoe.

As in the previous two episodes, we will take a quick look into the rocker-bottom shoe and what you should be aware of.

In 2008, Skechers introduced their version of the Rocker-Bottom shoe. Skechers did not re-invent the rocker-bottom concept; they merely added their own style and flare. They have marketed these shoes for walking or light activity, not for the marathon trainee. Research regarding the benefits and use of this style of shoe has been around for years prior to the Skechers models. Research has shown the rocker sole to cause instability during the gait cycle forcing the muscles and ligaments of the lower extremity to work harder to stabilize the body.

The results of harder work would be increase tone and greater caloric expenditure. In essence, pump you up.

Other uses of rocker-bottom shoes:

  • To assist and provide a heel to toe gait in people with severe ankle arthritis or even those who have had ankle joint fusions
  • To reduce the stress at toe-off for someone who has limited or no motion at the big toe
  • To assist toe-off in people who have decreased motion of the entire forefoot

Despite the many benefits that rocker-bottom soles may provide an individual, there are drawbacks. Namely, an increased risk of injury due to the instability these shoes create. Increased instability at the ankle joint can lead to:

  1. Ankle sprains or fractures
  2. Knee, hip, spine injuries
  3. Muscular strains

Skechers, as with any company, encourages the individual to gradually transition to these shoes. Like Skechers, I recommend caution. If you are interested in this type of product, please contact Dr. Jeff Bowman, to see if this style of shoe is right for you. These shoes are not meant for everyone. Dr. Bowman can be reached at 713-467-8886 or online for information and online appointments at

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