Pregnancy and Your Feet

Pregnancy is a beautiful life event. The change the womans body must go through in order to support another life is amazingly, ingenious. If you were to analyze these changes, you might come to the conclusion that some type of engineer had a hand in the process. As the womans body is altered, there are some common complaints that one might hear, specifically foot pain.

What happens during pregnancy that causes foot pain?

  • Due to the natural increase in weight, the womans center of gravity is altered. This change causes a change in the weight-bearing stance of the foot. In short, the function of her foot is modified.
  • Alteration in the function of the foot is specifically seen as over-pronation. Over pronation can lead to increased stretch on the plantar fascia that can develop into plantar fasciitis, which we have discussed in prior blogs.
  • The extra liter of blood volume needed to support the fetus can also cause swelling in the feet and ankles. The effects of gravity once again win.

How do you Treat/Prevent?

  • NOTE: Conservative measures are important because whatever you do to momma can affect the growing child.
  • Custom Orthotics as well as proper fitting and supportive shoes can do wonders for over-pronation and plantar fasciitis.
  • Elevating the legs, wearing an appropriate sock that compresses but DOES NOT constrict, and regular exercise are methods that can help with edema.
  • NOTE: edema is typically symmetrical, so if you notice one foot/leg is extremely swollen compared to the other you need to consult your physician immediately.

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