PGA Quality? What Golf Shoes Are Right For Me?

Bubba Watson just won his 2nd Masters in 3 years. Although it was a disappointment not to see Tiger Woods out in the field, it was an amazing competition with some truly awe inspiring golf shots. Jordan Spieth made a great run for the title, but Watson was not to be deterred. My biggest question is how are their feet not killing them by the third day? I play golf one day and by day’s end my dogs are begging me to sit and prop my feet up. So will the right shoes help? What should I look for in a golf shoe?

  • Proper fit. It is okay to wear a half size too big in regular shoe gear, but not for golf. If the shoes are too big they will slide during your swing and can increase your risk of injury, not to mention blisters. Shoes that are too small will be just as tortuous. Exact size is the way to go.
  • Flexibility is a must. Flexibility will help your mobility as well as the life expectancy of the shoe itself.
  • Comfort is of course a main requirement. There are many types of ways shoe makers are increasing comfort. For instance, some products offer foam in the midsole while others are tinkering more with the sole and tread patterns. In the end, it is what you find comfortable so try them on and take your feet on an adventure.
  • Breathable materials will help keep the sweat down and reduce friction.
  • Some shoes even offer waterproof uppers.

Now Im not telling to go and buy the top of the line product, but if you are going to play on a regular basis then I would recommend spending time finding a proper shoe. Some of the best brands on the market are: Foot Joy, Nike, Adidas, Ecco, and Puma.

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