March Madness

It is that time of year, especially in the southern states, when the winter doldrums begin to lift as warmer days approach. It is also the biggest and most exciting time of the year for you college basketball enthusiasts. The NCAA Tournament with all its glory and hype is upon us. As you prepare to fill in your brackets and attack the basketball court yourself with dreams of grandeur, please take a moment to think a few things through.


  • It has been a long, even colder winter, in which you have probably done less physical activity than you would have liked, so before you start sprinting up and down the basketball court OR your neighborhood please consider a very deliberate period of stretching.
  • Slow and Steady should be your mantra until you are back in the groove of your routine.
  • If you plan on trying something new, please do your research and understand your limits. Again, Slow and Steady. If you arent the basketball all-star, maybe HORSE is better suited.
  • For you weekend warriors who imagine themselves to be an All-Star college basketball player; your risk for injury is greatly increased with your attempts to win the big game with a buzzer beating shot of any form. KNOW YOUR LIMITS.
  • If you used any form of bracing the previous year, now is not the time to stop its use. Always consult your physician before discontinuing said product.
  • If you are new the realm of backyard sports and have concerns about your physical capabilities, please consult your physician before beginning.


  • Research your teams. RPI, Key wins and losses and trending are some important things to take into consideration.
  • Take notice of KEY injuries
    • For instance: Brandon Ashley of Arizona suffered a season ending foot/ankle injury (reports say its a ligament OR fracture that needed surgical repair) in February. His replacement Rondae Hollis-Jefferson has done well so far since taking over that position. Is it likely that will continue as the stakes become higher?
  • Choose ONE Cinderella team and take them as far as you dare. Stranger things have happened and anyone can beat anyone on any given day.
  • If you reach a point where you cannot decide, grab a quarter and leave it to chance.
  • In the end, have pride in your bracket and enjoy the season of heart breaks and legendary moments.

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