Killer Kicks Without Black Toenails

The 2014 FIFA World Cup for soccer will be taking place in Brazil from June 12-July 13, 2014. Teams from 31 countries will play 64 matches across Brazil during this time, and for soccer fans this is the highlight event of the summer. Soccer is an intense game, and players put themselves at risk for all kinds of injuries. Feet are the most important tool in the game, and the constant kicking makes black toenails a common sight among players.

What are black toenails, exactly? These discolored nails develop from trauma to the toe. The black coloration comes from a subungual hematoma, which is a technical term for blood pooling under the nail. This can happen when another player steps on your feet, from repetitive kicking, and from pressure on the toes from ill-fitting shoes. Shoes that are too tight squish your toes, and if they are too loose, your feet can slide forward and jam your toenail against the end. The risk increases if your toenails are too long and repeatedly hit the front of the shoe while running or kicking.

If you have black toenails but no secondary symptoms, you may just need to wait until the nail falls off. It isnt pleasant but a new nail will grow back. If you have significant pain, it may be necessary to have a small hole drilled in your nail (painless procedure) to drain the pooled blood. If you have a lot of pain and the nail is really discolored, the nail bed could be lacerated, exposing the bone underneath. This could lead to a bone infection, so prompt medical attention is imperative.

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