How To Tie Your Shoes, Secrets You Never Knew

We all learned it by about age 5, using bunny rabbits, trees and holes. We have since mastered with fine precision the art of tying our shoes. Of course, at some point with advancing age we will all revert back to Velcro, diapers and spoon feedings. In the meantime, while our fine motor skills still work – let’s take a look at new and helpful ways to tie our shoes!

Painful bump on the top of your forefoot? Do your shoes feel too tight across the tongue? This also works for high arched feet. Here’s your trick:

Simply skip holes to prohibit the laces to cross over the painful arch of the foot.

Too much motion across your heel? Ever wonder what those extra holes up top are? Try this (from left to right):

The other hole on the shoe can be used to tighten the heel cup. Simply thread back in making a loop. Pass the end across into the other loop so the loop closes down on the lace. Then tie your knot as usual.

Shoes constantly come un-laced? You don’t like double-lacing? This method is like tying a double knot except it is not as bulky and comes untied much easier.

*Make normal “bunny ear” but when crossing it back under, wrap it under twice!

This knot can help invert the foot for over-pronators and increases tension on the inside of the shoe. This helps give a little more pull on the inside of the arch. Try this technique to invert the foot:

The above-mentioned techniques are the ones that are most helpful and most commonly used in my experience. There are virtually thousands of different ways to lace your shoes so I have linked other websites if you wish to investigate any other methods.

For the following techniques please refer to the websites below:

Here’s more:

  • Shoe string too short?
  • Shoe string too long?
  • Want a fancy customized lacing?

Heaven forbid you’ve suffered a hand injury and can only tie one-handed? (Or you want to race someone with one hand tied behind your back).

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