High Heels Are Killers? Really!

Yesterday a woman was accused in Houston of killing a man in a bizarre murder. Investigators say she stabbed a man with her Stiletto Heeled shoes. Now being a podiatrist this caught my attention.

Investigators found the woman in the apartment of the victim in the Parklane Luxury Condos in what in Houston is called the museum district. Another tenant dialed 911 around 4am telling dispatchers someone was being assaulted.

When officers arrived, Ana Lilia Trujillo answered the door to the unit on the 18th floor of the high-rise. Thats where they found the 59 year old males body. According to Houston police the man was stabbed multiple times. The weapon according to investigators was a Stiletto Heeled shoe.

Investigators detained Trujillo and questioned her at the scene. The killer was initially cooperative, but she reportedly stopped talking to police who transported her downtown for further questioning. The victim lived in the condo, but Trujillo did not and was visiting. Their relationship is unknown.

The victims name has not been released. The motive remains unknown as the investigation continues. Trujillo, 44, is being charged with murder.

All this time I thought Stiletto Heeled shoes were bad for your feet causing many injuries and deformities but never would have guessed they could literally kill.

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