Flip Flops and Bunions are Not a Match Made in Heaven

There are many great pairings that just seem made to be together: bacon and eggs, Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, and salt and pepper. What is your favorite match made in heaven? If you have bony bumps on the side your feet, the tell-tale sign of bunions, it may not be the best to match up flip-flops and bunions.

You might be thinking, What? Give up my beloved flip-flops? Yes, that is exactly what we are saying. While theyre a decent choice for walking around a public pool, shower room or on hot sand, extended use of flip-flops can prove to be problematic for your feet. With a flip-flop, your toes have to scrunch together to grip the shoe, which could place stress on an already stressed big toe joint. It can throw off the mechanics of your foot even more and lead to the bunion becoming worse and a good deal of discomfort.

Bunions are most often due to a structural problem inside your foot. You most likely inherited a faulty foot structure and then certain factors or environmental influences caused it to develop. Tight, pointy shoes such as high heels can encourage the joint of the big toe to become misaligned.

When your foot structure is compromised like this, it cannot function as well as it shouldyour feet may not properly absorb your weight during each step and even more so if not supported in a good pair of shoes. When you have bunions, protecting your feet in supportive, comfortable shoes will keep your feet happier and prevent the misalignment from getting worse.

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