Diabetic Shoes

You were just told you needed Diabetic shoes. All you can think of is having to wear Frankenstein looking shoes that are uncomfortable and way too expensive. Heres what you should know about these shoes and why you need them before you decline:

“Whats wrong with my shoes? They fit me just fine, and are quite the attraction for the ladies.”

  • The reason you are being told you need these shoes is because you have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy (loss of sensation) in your feet, AND you probably have areas on the soles of your feet that are experiencing increased amounts of pressure, causing calluses or ulcers.
  • These shoes are specifically designed to reduce the amount of pressure on the bottoms of your feet, especially in areas with developed calluses or ulcers.
  • Diabetic shoes are dispensed with specially designed inserts for added protection to the foot.

What makes the shoes so special?

  • They are extra deep in the toe box area for the purpose of reducing irritation to the tops of the feet.
  • They have good arch support and stability.
  • The insoles, plus the special inserts, are designed and fabricated with materials that are as close to skin softness and integrity. This helps decrease the pressure on the bottoms of your feet.
  • The shoes and inserts are fitted and fabricated specifically for your feet.

The shoes have many more styles to choose from, from athletic to dress. You dont have to worry about the Frankenstein look anymore, unless that is your style. If you have questions about these shoes please contact Dr. Bowman at 713-467-8886 or visit our website to request appointments.

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