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The world of shoe inserts is vast and confusing. Like new and expecting parents entering Babies R Us for the first time, you are not quite sure where to start and which one is right for you. They all look comfortable and appealing, especially the ones with gel. Television commercials lure you in with catchy phrases like Are you Gellin. These however are no closer to solving your problem than your countless google searches. The cherry on top of all of this is that there are custom inserts. Thankfully, these are not sold on the shelves at your local Walgreens. It is these custom orthoses that we will discuss.

The biggest question concerning custom orthoses is When Should I Get?

After you have exhausted all efforts at over the counter (OTC) inserts. What do I mean?

o You have tried many attempts at OTC devices with little to no relief of any symptom you may be enduring

o You find yourself buying OTC inserts so frequent that you could have easily afforded a pair OR two of custom made ones

The deformity OR symptoms you are trying to correct is/are too severe to be properly accounted for with OTCs

o You need more control and support than what and OTC may offer

What is the difference between an OTC and a Custom?

OTCs are generic and are made for any foot/individual

Custom is specifically tailored for your foots needs

o Your local Podiatrist will examine your feet, taking multiple measurements of the different joints that are involved in your foot function

o A mold of your foot is then made with plaster or fiberglass

o These molds are sent to a Pedorthist (trained professional who specializes in making orthotics) who builds your insert off of the specs from the Podiatrists measurement.

NOTE:Custom inserts have an extremely long life and will offer relief as long as your foot structure/function do not change. Mine are 11 years old!

Custom Orthotics will help many different foot deformities and can prevent problems down the road like bunions, hammertoes, heel pain, ball of foot pain and many others. If you run or walk for exercise you should be wearing orthotics

If your children have flat feet or you do, you need orthotics. I started my daughter in custom orthotics at age 2 .

If you have been using OTC inserts and tired of buying them so often OR need better relief, please contact Dr. Bowman. If you have any other foot/ankle related issues you can also contact Dr. Bowman at 713-467-8886 or visit

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