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One of Dr. Bowman’s talents is writing great blogs, which isn’t a surprise if you’re already a fan. Podiatry Today magazine has noticed Dr. Bowman’s blogs and has asked him to write blogs for them! Check out the wide variety of blogs listed below and click on the title of each blog to see the full blog on Podiatry Today’s website.

  • A Guide To Treating Acute and Chronic Lateral Ankle Injuries - Posted January 23, 2014 - Weak ankles are a common problem for many - especially those heavily involved in athletics. Dr. Jeffrey Bowman discusses the injuries that can lead to this condition and various treatment options.
  • Current Insights On Diagnosing And Treating Osteochondromas - Posted December 23, 2013 - Osteochondromas are bone tumors typically found in patients under the age of 20. Painful symptoms are not always present and this condition is often discovered when a patient undergoes an X-Ray for other reasons.

  • When Patients Present With Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome - Posted October 24, 2013 - Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a condition in which the tibial nerve becomes entrapped leading to pain, numbness and tingling. In this blog, Dr. Jeffrey Bowman dives deeper into the condiiton and discusses treatment options. 
  • Recognizing The Damaging Impact Of PAD - Posted August 22, 2013 - Peripheral Artery Disease plague millions of people and leads to other problems. In this blog, Dr. Bowman talks about PAD, including what causes it and possible treatments.
  • Explaining PRP To Your Patients - Posted July 23, 2013 - Do you know about platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments or how they work? Dr. Bowman discusses what, how and why PRP treatments are great for treating different foot problems.
  • A Guide To The Ins And Outs of Hallux Varus - Posted April 24, 2013 - Dr. Jeffrey Bowman takes you through a toe problem, known as Hallux Varus, that can be a complication of bunion surgery. If you have any toe problems, contact Dr. Bowman in Houston, TX for treatment.
  • A Simple Approach To Tackling Osteochondral Lesions - Posted March 27, 2013 - Dr. Jeffrey Bowman writes about a very easy way to treat Osteochondral Lesions using a simple surgical procedure named OATS. If you have an Osteochondral Lesion, contact Dr. Bowman at Houston Foot Specialists as soon as possible.
  • Is Botox An Alternative To Corticosteroids For Plantar Fasciitis? - Posted February 22, 2013 - In this blog, Dr. Jeffrey Bowman takes on Botox and steroids in the quest to find the best way to treat plantar fasciitis. Usually when people think about Botox treatments, they’re not thinking about their feet, but could Botox be used to treat heel pain?
  • Ankle Arthritis: To Fuse Or Not To Fuse? - Posted January 23, 2013 - One of the great debates in the Podiatry field today is how to treat ankle arthritis. The two sides are either to fuse the ankle joint or to replace the ankle joint. Dr. Jeffrey Bowman discusses some points of the debate and then comes to a conclusion for himself.
  • Pertinent Insights On The Evolution Of The Ankle Arthroscopy - Posted December 28, 2012 - Ankle arthroscopy has come a long way. Dr. Jeffrey Bowman discusses the differences that 50 years has brought to the ankle arthroscopy. This ankle procedure has helped countless numbers of people, even NBA star Ray Allen.
  • Keys To Diagnosing And Treating Achilles Tendon Ruptures - Posted November 21, 2012 - Sometimes life is full of irony. Did you know that Brad Pitt suffered an Achilles injury on the set of the movie Troy, where he was portraying the famous Achilles? How do podiatrists treat Achilles ruptures?

Remember you can read each blog in full by clicking on the title of each blog. If you have questions about anything dealing with feet or ankles, feel free to contact us at Houston Foot Specialists.

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