Protect Kids' Feet from Fall Sports Injuries

Autumn is in the air, and young athletes everywhere are gearing up for fall sports! Whether they’re strapping on shin guards, pulling on a helmet, or slipping into cleats, protective equipment is a vital part of helping kids avoid sports injuries. However, making sure what kids wear is appropriate and safe isn’t the only way to prevent them from getting hurt!

Besides ensuring they have properly-fitting shoes meant for the sport, there are some other steps you can take to help protect children’s feet from problems that may take them out of the game.

  1. Make sure they are prepared. Warming up before activity can go a long way toward staying injury-free, as it loosens muscles and soft tissues making them less likely to pull or tear. In addition, a gradual training program leading up to the season will build muscles and get them ready for the upcoming work at hand, as well as keep feet fit and strong, thus less susceptible to getting hurt.
  2. Avoid repetitive stress. When children play sports, they do a lot of running, jumping, and kicking. Needless to say, kids’ feet can undergo quite a bit of stress, especially if they do the same thing over and over. Break up activities with some low-impact options like swimming, biking, or yoga. That way different muscles are used in different ways, and overuse injuries like stress fractures, shin splints, and tendinitis can be avoided.
  3. Go over the rules. Knowing the rules of the game will allow kids to safely participate without putting themselves at risk.
  4. Watch for symptoms. Kids may complain of foot pain, but sometimes they may keep it to themselves. If your child starts sporting a limp or seems less enthusiastic about playing, those are signs of a possible injury that should be checked out.
  5. Consider orthotics. Orthotic inserts hide inside cleats and shoes and correct structural and biomechanical issues that could be making your child prone to injury.

Follow this game plan to keep your children’s feet healthy and injury-free this fall. Of course, as much as we’d like to promise they’ll never get hurt, not every sports injury can be prevented. Rest assured, though, that if your young athlete is suddenly sidelined , we can help him or her get back in the game. Call our Houston, TX office for an appointment by dialing (713) 493-7372 today.

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