Bunions and Orthotics Make a Good Pair

Bunions can be both embarrassing and painful. This serious foot deformity might start out small, but years of wear and tear can lead to a bulging swelling bump at the base of the big toe. Because bunions only get worse with time, it’s important to step in with treatment at the earliest point possible; the proactive approach prevents pain, may slow the rate of progression, and can delay the need for surgery indefinitely.

One very useful tool to help manage your bunion pain? Custom orthotics. It’s a common—but incorrect—belief that orthotics are only useful as arch supports or for soft tissue soreness like heel pain. As a matter of fact, they can be used to combat a much wider variety of progressive foot conditions, including deformities like bunions.

For one, the right pair of custom orthotics will be able to cushion the weakened or misaligned big toe joint. Dampening shocks, soaking up the impact forces, and diverting pressure away from the painful bump can lead to a dramatic reduction in pain.

Two, a functional orthotic can modify the way you walk, helping you develop a more biomechanically sound and efficient gait. When you’re walking correctly, you’re not placing excess pressure or strain on any one joint, muscle, ligament, or location. If your bunion is being fueled by bad biomechanics, correcting the problem in this manner may prevent it from getting worse.

Of course, the best orthotic for your bunion is going to depend a lot on what caused it in the first place. At the Houston Foot Specialists, Dr. Aleisha Allen will conduct a thorough examination and determine whether or not you could benefit from a custom orthotic—and if so, what kind. To schedule your appointment at our Houston office, please call today at (713) 469-3232.

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