Numb Feet Are Not Normal

When your foot “falls asleep,” it feels numb and tingly, until it “wakes up,” right? Well, what if your foot never does come to, and that numb and tingly feeling continues? That’s actually a wakeup call that you should come see us. Having numb feet is not normal, but rather a sign of neuropathy, which can be dangerous and get worse if left untreated. The fact is, the sooner you treat the nerve damage of neuropathy, the better your chances to manage the problem and slow its progression.

Nerve damage in your feet, especially coupled with poor circulation due to diabetes, can lead to accidents and injuries occurring without your knowledge, and a slowed healing process making you vulnerable to infection. What may have started as a small scratch could end up a nightmare of serious issues, including ulcerations, deformity, and even amputation. It’s important to check over your feet daily for any signs of injury, and keep an eye out for signs of neuropathy. Besides numbness and tingling, other symptoms include sensitivity to touch, muscle weakness and lack of coordination, and stabbing or burning pain. Remember, just as the early bird gets the worm, early detection is rewarded with a lesser chance of complications, and a better chance of sustaining your quality of life.

So, if you have numb feet and you haven’t been sitting funny or standing in a pool of ice-water, don’t ignore it! Make an appointment with our dream team and rest easy knowing we can help you manage neuropathy so you can wake up and enjoy your day, no matter what activities it holds!

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