Spring Sports Must Have: The Right Shoes

Having the correct equipment for your sport is important. You wouldn’t stand in the outfield without a mitt, go up to bat without a helmet, or show up for a game not wearing your uniform or any shoes on your feet (unless, of course, you’re Shoeless Joe Jackson!) The thing is, just as important as wearing those athletic shoes is wearing the right pair! After all, baseball cleats are different than soccer cleats, which are different than running shoes, which are different than track spikes!

Athletic shoes aren’t meant to multi-task. They are made specifically for their sport, providing the necessary features to not only help you excel, but also to keep you safe and injury-free. This includes the tread and traction of the outer sole, support, cushioning, flexibility, stability, and more. With the wrong shoes on your feet you can easily slip, twist an ankle, lose your balance, or sustain a serious injury that sidelines you for the season!

So, when you’re gathering up your equipment, be sure you have the right shoes for the sport. Shop at a specialty store or one with an experienced staff educated in the sport and type of shoe you need. Ask questions, share your specific concerns, let them know any particular problems you have, the type of surface you play on, and how often you play. Wear your uniform socks to try on the shoes, as well as your orthotics if you have them. If you do multiple activities, make sure you have a pair of shoes specifically made for each one. Sorry, but those court shoes just aren’t going to cut it on the track, so don’t even try!

Like a water bottle that keeps you hydrated, having the right shoes for the sport will keep your feet healthy, and keep you performing at your best.

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Now, put on the right shoes and play ball!

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