Bad Biomechanics Be Gone: Gait Analysis

Houston’s Bayou City Classic 10K is coming up – the oldest 10k race in Texas! If you’ve been training for this Mar. 18 event and have started to notice some aches and pains, you might want to take some preventative steps (in addition to your running ones) to avoid injuries!

Nagging issues can often be traced back to bad biomechanics, and if not addressed, these can turn out to be e a runner’s worst enemy. Biomechanical issues such as your foot rolling too far outward (overpronation), or too far inward (supination), can have a domino effect, forcing bones out of alignment, straining muscles, and causing pain. Typically, an inherited foot structure is to blame for biomechanical flaws, but such problems can be solved with a gait analysis and custom orthotics.

Gait analysis

Each time you step, you go through a cycle, called your gait – striking the ground, rolling forward, and pushing off to take your next step. A gait analysis examines the way in which you go through this cycle and can pinpoint problems with your biomechanics that could result in pain or injury.

Custom orthotics

These devices are designed to address your unique biomechanical needs as determined by your gait analysis. They can correct the position of your foot and hold it in proper alignment, provide support where necessary, evenly distribute weight to direct pressure away from problem areas, and offer cushion in places under excessive stress.

Ta da! Bad biomechanics are corrected and your chance of injury reduced.

Call our Houston, TX office to find out more or to schedule an appointment so you can say good bye to those nagging aches and pains for good, before they turn into something worse. Dial (713) 493-7372 or use our online contact form. We’ll not only make sure you get to that 10K starting line, but the finish line, too!